Jan 24, 2024
2 mins read
Defined.ai: Scaling Data Acquisition with Propel

Company Background

Stepstone, a corporate entity with a vision to expand and digitize a specific division of their operations, was in urgent need to build a team swiftly, comprising individuals with a rich background in experience. The expansion aimed at enhancing the continuity and productivity of Stepstone's operations.

The primary challenge for Defined.ai was the inability to access specific markets to garner data essential for their AI models. The task demanded a team that could not only capture data but do so in a consistent manner, adhering to stringent procedures and standards.

Leveraging Propel's Talent Pipelining Service

Propel stepped in with its Talent Pipelining service, building and deploying a team proficient in data acquisition. This team was trained to follow strict procedures and standards, ensuring the delivery of consistent and reliable data sets. The focus was on emerging markets and underserved populations, tapping into a rich source of information that was previously inaccessible.

Robust Data Acquisition: Propel facilitated the creation of a team that successfully captured over 100,000 data sets, providing Defined.ai with a rich database to feed their AI models.

Focus on Emerging Markets: By focusing on emerging markets and underserved populations, Defined.ai could access a previously untapped wealth of information, enhancing the depth and reliability of their AI models.

Propel didn't just help us build a team; they partnered with us in deploying a unit that could adhere to strict standards and procedures, delivering over 100,000 datasets that were integral to our AI models.
Project Lead, Defined.Ai