Jan 24, 2024
2 mins read
Farfetch: Recruiting the perfect match with Propel

Company Background

Farfetch, a corporate powerhouse with a futuristic vision, identified a pivotal role in their product development department that required a unique talent. The goal was to find an individual with multi-functional expertise, including full-stack and devops skills, who would resonate with Farfetch's vibrant and innovative culture.

The challenge was significant: to identify and recruit an individual who not only met the stringent technical requirements but also harmonized perfectly with Farfetch's vibrant and innovative culture. This individual would play a crucial role in driving forward the initiatives in the product development department.

Leveraging Propel's Holistic Approach

Propel rose to the occasion, orchestrating a meticulous hiring process that went beyond just recruitment. They adopted a holistic approach, offering relocation and administrative support to ensure the individual could seamlessly integrate into the Farfetch ecosystem, thereby facilitating a seamless hiring process that fostered growth and innovation in Farfetch's product development department.

Successful Recruitment: Propel's expertise facilitated the recruitment of an individual who was not only technically proficient but also a perfect fit for Farfetch's dynamic culture, ready to drive the product development department forward.

Smooth Transition: Propel ensured a smooth transition for the recruit, overseeing the relocation process and providing administrative support, laying a foundation for success in the new role.

Realized Growth: With the right talent in place, Farfetch has embarked on a path of growth and innovation in their product development department, a testimony to Propel's commitment to realizing its client's visions.

Propel took the time to understand our needs and culture. They didn't just find us a candidate; they found us the right person who seamlessly integrated into our team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise that was exactly what we needed.
Project Lead, Farfetch