Jan 24, 2024
2 mins read
InterAI: Seamless Transition from Contract to Permanent Role with Propel

Company Background

InterAI, a forward-thinking tech company, urgently required a specialized front-end engineer to enhance their project development. The goal was to find a candidate who would not only meet the technical prerequisites but also blend seamlessly into InterAI's vibrant work culture, all within a constrained budget and tight timeline.

The significant challenge for InterAI was to find a specialized front-end engineer within a constrained budget and a tight timeline. The task was not just about finding the right skill set but also a candidate who would seamlessly fit into InterAI's vibrant work culture.

Leveraging Propel's Extensive Global Network

Propel utilized its extensive global network to source a candidate from an alternative market, identifying a suitable individual from Kenya, residing in China, and affiliated with a female-led community. Initially brought on board under a contract with Propel, the candidate demonstrated remarkable proficiency, which facilitated a transition to a full-time role within just 3 months.

Smooth Transition: The candidate experienced a seamless transition from a contract role under Propel to a permanent position at InterAI, illustrating the effective talent integration pathway that Propel can create.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship: The successful transition fostered a mutually beneficial relationship, with InterAI gaining a dedicated team member and the candidate embarking on a fulfilling career path.

Propel went above and beyond in finding us the right candidate. They didn't just find us a front-end engineer; they found us someone who perfectly fits into our work culture, and ensured they had all the necessary tools from day one, including a laptop and health insurance coverage.
Project Lead, InterAI